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Offering Free Assistance With Your Investments and Retirement

When it comes to advice on how to properly invest pensions, trust the financial advisors at Southwest Pension Services, Inc., in Las Vegas, Nevada. We know you are going to have questions about your plan, so we offer free guidance for your employees, whenever they need advice or assistance. Many of our competitors charge sponsors just for a phone call or copy of a document. For your convenience, we never charge for these services.

Southwest Pension Services

Investment Services

If you do not already have an investment broker working with your plan, our financial advisor is here to meet all of your needs. We take care of open enrollments for plan sponsors when there are questions about when to invest, what investor type you fall into, and how to choose the best timeframe for your investment. Our team makes sure you know the best option for your company and participants. If you already have a broker working with you, we will work with them to ensure the success of your plan. We will never compete against your existing broker.

Retirement Plan Services

Plan Consultation: These services are available upon request and are independent of the annual administration services.  These consultations may include such issues as:

• Plan withdrawals, i.e. loans, required minimum distributions (RMD's), in-service distributions & hardship withdrawals.

• Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO's)

• Retirement Projections- how much is needed to save in order to provide a comfortable retirement

• Recommendations for plan fiduciary and fidelity bonding

• Rollover Services into and out of the Plan

• Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Department of Labor (DOL) plan audit mediation through power of attorney

Plan Design: The design of the retirement plan to meet the need of the client.  Appropriate plan alternatives are prepared for client consideration.

Actuarial Consultation: Actuarial services are provided to ensure appropriate ERISA funding requirements and future financial obligations.

Compliance Studies: This service is provided to minimize the effects of changing legislation and disqualifying plan defects.

Enrollment: Qualified and experienced personnel enroll plan participants with forms which meet all legal and disclosure requirements.  Careful attention is given to each employee to maximize employee understanding and appreciation.  Enrollment opportunities will be offered to meet statutory obligations.

Plan Redesign: This service is available to clients whose changing objectives require plan document alterations and approval by the IRS.

Additional Services

• Electronic Submission of Government Forms as Needed
• Accounting & Auditing to Ensure There Are No Incorrect Transactions
• Corrections & Amendments to Keep the Plan in Compliance
• Comprehensive Plan Testing to Ensure Returns Meet Government Deadlines